the fair-haired dumbbell

Guerrilla Development & FFA Architecture and interiors // portland, or

The signature element in the design of the “Fair-Haired Dumbbell” project is clearly the exterior skin, with artwork by renowned artist James Jean of Los Angeles. This dusk viewpoint was chosen to reinforce the "dumbbell" massing of the project - two large rectangular volumes connected by a series of skybridge. A strong silhouette is created with light skins against a dark sky. Foreground activity is implied with light streaks and color in the retail spaces.

A daytime viewpoint was chosen to contrast this new project against the darker / glassier buildings next door, both still under construction at the time of the rendering. Color in the ground plane and entourage is toned down in deference to the patterning. Lighting is subtly modulated across the elevations to ensure a balance between the vibrant skin and the activity within the buildings.