Working with Baumberger Studio


Matching Style to Need

We don’t have a preset notion for how the rendering will look. Every project and situation has unique requirements and with over 25 years of experience in the field, Scott can recommend any number of solutions for your situation. Different types of projects and indeed different phases of the same project will have their own audiences and it is crucial to get it right. We do lots of photo-realistic renderings but also many looser, traditional looking “watercolor” renderings when it is appropriate.



Scott starts each project by learning as much as he can about the renderings' usage, both immediate and future. Who is the audience? What phase of design is the project in? Who are the stakeholders? Will it be used for future marketing? Will it be blown up on a billboard? By learning as much as possible at the project onset, Scott can help guide the process even more effectively.



One of the biggest challenges in the rendering process is staying flexible and being open to design and entourage changes. Last minute requests have the potential to throw a wrench in a deadline if you don’t anticipate them. Scott has honed a technique that allows him to work quickly and stay nimble, allowing for small adjustments throughout the process.